I ordered coffee, when does it ship?

We normally ship coffee within 2 days of an order. For subscriptions your coffee will ship the Monday after reoccuring payment.

Can you grind my coffee?

We recommend whole beans to ensure the freshest (and most flavorful cup) but understand not everyone has a grinder available. Just leave us a comment in your order or let us know when you pickup coffee from the shop on how you’d like it ground or what you are brewing coffee with and we’ll grind it for you.

How long does your coffee stay fresh?

Most of the coffee we serve out of our cafe rests after it’s roasted for at least 7 days. Some people want coffee the day it’s roasted to drink but coffee needs time to degas, which is a process where gases, mostly C02, escape the coffee. We’ve found our coffee doesn’t taste any different from 1 week old to 3 months as long as you keep it in the original coffee bag or one of our sealed coffee canisters to reduce the amount of oxygen the beans are exposed to. We believe it’s also a testimate to the quality of our coffee beans.

What is the best way to brew your coffee?

Great question! We recommend a ratio of 1g of coffee to 15ml of water. You can tweak this depending upon your taste preferences and should be fine with up to a 1:19 ratio. For espresso you can start with the standard ratio of 1:2, meaning 15g of coffee with 30ml of espresso out. We serve a different ratio in our shops but our equipment is calibrated much different than home espresso machines.

How are your coffees roasted?

When it comes to roasting each coffee our goal is to highlight it’s full potential. A lot of work has gone into our coffee before it even makes it to us. Having direct relationships with our farmers we understand everything from how much rain or sun the coffee received during the growing season, what the soil quality was like, how the coffee was processed and dried. This allows us to start with some baseline roasting profiles, cup the coffee and make adjustments. All our roasts are quality controlled by pulling small samples from every roast to ensure the profile has not changed. This is a continuous process that allows us to produce the same coffee for you in our cafes, wholesales partners and homes.