The story of ownership

We met in 2001 at a coffee shop and have continued to work in and around the industry since then. Since the first time we met we talked about opening and running our own coffee shop. The community with people in the cafe, the farmers who grow coffee, the importers/exports all fascinated us and we were always looking for the right opportunity. After living in the Midwest most of our lives an opportunity to move, live and travel all over Europe for 5 years was given to us. After we spent time in Europe we moved back to the USA, to what some may call the mega-center for coffee (Seattle, WA area) for a little over 2 years. After being away from family, having 3 small children, we made the decision to come back to the Midwest and embrace our roots and stay close to family. So here we are!

What the shop stands for

On July 2, 2019 we opened the doors to DreiBerge Coffee. We had been looking at buildings, spaces and locations for over a year. After a few leases fell through we were approached about a new building made out of mass timber. We instantly knew this was the place. Our space in 111 East Grand is part of the first multi-story office building in North America to employ dowel laminated timber (DLT) which is a mass timber system relying on friction-fit wood connectors for strength and durability (super cool stuff!).

Beams and columns frame the 40 feet DLT panels that serve as our roof. The entire building was built with a smaller site crew which minimized the disturbance to the neighborhood during construction.

The wood construction’s allows the structure to remain exposed as an interior finish. Our entire cafe was built to highlight the finishes provided.

If you can’t tell we were super excited to be part of this historic building!

The coffees

As a coffee roaster and café, we believe in all we do there is simplicity and excellence. All of our coffees are single origin that come from a single farm or a small group of farmers who partner together to produce exceptional coffee (at this time we do not offer any coffee blends). We remove all unnecessary middle men to get the coffee from the farm to us. This allows us to ensure sustainability and traceability in the products we offer. As a specialty coffee shop we only choose some of the best coffees to offer our customers.